We specialise in traditional, naturally leavened sourdough European style breads.

Our sourdough breads are made using traditional methods, without improvers or other chemical assistance, are hand-moulded, and take between 36 and 54 hours from start to finish. This long, slow fermentation method not only enhances the bread’s flavour and texture, but also releases the nutritional content contained in the grains, and makes for a more easily digestible loaf

We also make a range of non-sourdough breads which still follow traditional technique, and contain neither chemicals nor other unnecessary additives.

Please note that variations in appearance can occur due to changes in weather and as a result of the hands-on nature of our production.

Storage: bread is best stored in paper or calico in a cool, dry place. As our breads don’t contain any emulsifiers, they will go hard if stored in the fridge. If bread is enclosed and can’t breathe, the crust may become damp and mould will develop after a day or two. Bread can be frozen – we recommend slicing first and storing in an airtight container.

Loaf weights: we have noted the loaf weights at their pre-bake stage. A loaf will generally lose around 10% of its weight to evaporation when being baked, but due to the variation in ovens used, weather and climate, the end weight can be variable.