In The Community 

We firmly believe that we are part of a fantastic community and do what we can to support several organisations in the city. Our ongoing projects include:

KiwiHarvest since 2012, we have been donating our still good to eat (but no longer sellable) products to KiwiHarvest, who then distribute these out to the wider community, feeding those with a greater need than our own. At various times we have also donated time and meals as part of fundraisers they have organised.

Doubt Not Compost: since their inception in 2018, our compost scraps and paper flour bags have been going to Doubt Not. These clever chaps in turn make compost, and use that to plant native seedlings.

Ronald McDonald House Supper Club we have been cooking McDonald’s inspired menus for this key fundraiser since 2015, when we started with one table at the Annex (part of Otago Museum), and in more recent years have catered at up to three separate venues, including Motor Trade Finance, the Monarch and Regus, as well as our own premises.


Donations and Fundraisers

We understand there are many of you engaged with organisations doing a lot of good work on the smell of an oily rag to benefit our wider community. We welcome all requests for donations and help with fundraisers and will consider each as it is received.

Some of the ways we can consider helping:

  • Donations of vouchers as raffle/door prizes
  • Donations of baked items
  • Making our bakery available for groups to bake items which are then sold as fundraisers

Please contact us with an outline of your request and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.