Our Philosphies

A part of being successful in any business is to work out the “why” of what we’re doing, and the attached how. We also need to figure out how to minimise our impact on the world around us. Here’s where our thinking has arrived at:

Why we’re doing what we’re doing: because we believe in providing the Dunedin, and greater New Zealand market, with a range of superior eating experiences by making the best breads, pastries, pies, cakes and more we can.

We follow traditional methods and recipes wherever we can, and our inspiration comes from those (mainly European) bakers who went before us. We do however want to bring our products into the current century and adapt several of them to today’s tastes and preferences.

We want to be real in all we do and therefore only put real ingredients into our products. If an ingredient sounds like a chemistry lesson, we prefer not to use it.

We believe in using local, seasonal and free-range ingredients wherever possible.

We minimise sending waste to landfill where possible by avoiding excessive packaging in the first place; donating our end-of-day stock to KiwiHarvest and our food scraps and paper flour bags to Doubt Not Compost. In our shop we minimise plastic packaging wherever possible. We have stopped using single-use coffee cups, instead using a rent-a-reusable-cup system.