Lectures & Public Speaking

Kevin is a respected speaker and presenter on a diverse range of topics from the science and art of baking, the nuances of taste and how the food industry plays with our sense to illicit the desired reponse from us, product design and development, the process of creativity, through to customer service.

Whether it is speaking to an auditorium at international conferences, a classroom of students, or in a church hall to a social group, Kevin is 'at home'. He can also occasionally be found behind a microphone MCing an event.

Next time you're planning and event, conference or workshop think about slotting Kevin in to help illumnate, educate, and inspire thought and innovation.

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Demonstrations and advisory

We have a lot of knowledge and skill in our team and we're always happy to share some of it through demonstrations. Whether demonstrating on stage at Festivals and Food Shows, teaching from primary schools through to polytechs and Universities, showing a social group some new skills, or being advisors to books, TV shows, or other projects, we're confident that our knowledge can help you.

If you have a group that might benefit from our style of demonstration let us know.

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Business Consulting

With more than 40 years combined management and business ownership experience, Kevin and Esther understand what it takes to run a business and sometimes that is getting a fresh set of eyes to gain a different perspective.

Since 2013 they have been offering their experience to help businesses and companies navigate the challenges of operation. Whether it's a new business that is looking for guidance to find its feet or an established business looking for assistance in growth, development, or problem solving, the skillset that Kevin and Esther offer can generally be put to good use.

Their knowledge cover aspects of business such as:

  • Mentorship
  • Leadership training
  • Red teaming (critical assessment of a project)
  • Budget and forecast development and assessment
  • Costing analysis and implimentation
  • Administration systems setup
  • FSP/FCP/HACCP setup and management

If you think that Kevin and Esther might be able to help you and your business get in touch.