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What makes us different? Is it the ingredients we choose, the people that make up the team, or something else? You decide.
Breads We love bread! We're alo very proud of the breads that we make - all without chemicals or additives, and all are given the time needed to create tasty, traditional breads.
Cakes We make a wide variety of cakes that include gateaux, set and baked cheesecakes, carrot cakes, wedding cakes and many many others. We have a changing selection available in store or we can make to order.
Catering Whether for a board meeting of 6 people to a product launch for 200 people or more Gilbert's Fine Food offer a range of catering lines that interest the palate by bringing a different selection than can normally be found.
Bakery   |   47 Otaki Street, Dunedin   |   03 4557161